Founded by Daisy Botha in 2018, Aarde Events organises and manages a number of events across the UK which all try to promote a more ethical and sustainable world.

With a background working in various venues and festivals Daisy’s experience in events goes back many years. Having always had a passion for managing her own events, she had always dreamt of one day running her own events company. In 2018, sort of by accident, she found herself putting on Stroud Vegan Fair at the Subscriptions Rooms (where she was working at the time) and was so overwhelmed at the success of the event which attracted over 2000 people across the day.

As a vegan herself, Daisy saw an opportunity. Using her knowledge and experience in events she was not only able to create fun, inclusive events that for people to enjoy, but was also able to do some good by promoting a vegan lifestyle to people.

Although there were plenty of vegan events in larger cities and towns she found that more often than not there was nothing events wise for smaller towns and soon sought out other locations that were desperate for a vegan fair to visit them.

In 2018 Daisy organised Vegan Fairs in Stroud, Chepstow, Cirencester, a free Vegan Market in Newbury and a Vegan Oktoberfest all under the name “Cotswold Vegan Events”. But there was a problem with this name… only 3 out of the 5 events actually taking place in The Cotswolds.

With her sights on bigger, better events even further afield from The Cotswolds and the intention to branch out to organise other events that weren’t always focused on veganism, she took the decision to rebrand and “Aarde Events” was born.

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